Monday, 5 May 2014

My Essential Samba Playlist

I came to Rio de Janeiro in 2008 having fallen in love with Brazilian music, and made the decision to try and experience it first hand. One of the first things that I noticed was that at all of the live samba parties, there was a repertoire of classic songs that everyone seemed to know and sing along to. 5 years later, after playing countless samba gigs with various bands, I've now become familiar with a fair portion of this repertoire as well.

The following playlist (just click the image below to access it) is an attempt to pass on the knowledge that I have accumulated as a result of these 5 years of painstaking research. To arrive at this point I have had to play trombone and drink ice-cold beer at hundreds of samba parties around Rio, sometimes with nothing to eat apart from industrial quantities of barbequed Brazilian steak. It's been a very tough time, but I comfort myself with thought that if at least someone out there enjoys the following selection of music then my sacrifice won't have been entirely in vain...